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    (SG-350) 20 Cup Coffee Powder Automatic Packing Machine

    It's full automatic version. 20 Cup Coffee Powder Automatic Packing Machine, 5g coffee powder, cup diameter 35mm, cup material PP – EVOH – PP. Cup pre-cut 20 cups per time, speed 16000-18000 cup each hour


    Why is the SG-350 coffee packaging machine market of Guangzhou Xuguang Company so hot? Why is the cup-shaped instant coffee so popular among young people? Let's take a look at how the coffee produced by the SG-350 coffee packaging machine tastes.
    The instant coffee produced by the SG-350 coffee packaging machine is not only delicious, but also dissolves quickly and can be brewed in cold water. It can be brewed into a latte with milk. This instant coffee uses LLFD non-destructive freeze-drying technology to roast the coffee before extraction. The most delicate aroma and the best flavor lock, when you want to brew, only need 3 seconds to dissolve, you can restore a cup of mellow freshly ground coffee. Beautiful in appearance, very compact and easy to carry, it is a good choice for traveling. People in the office can get a cup of highly restored hand-ground coffee with just one shot. Sometimes I add it to sparkling water so that I can concentrate and remember the main points during meetings. Adding fragrant soy milk in the morning can keep my mind clear all morning. The SG-350 coffee packaging machine is popular because consumers now have higher requirements for the quality of life, and the new and aesthetic requirements for product packaging are also increasing.




    Specification Sheet



    Powder, cereal, coffee, granule, milk powder


    1. automatic cup dropping (cups should be stacked, but can’t stick together)

    2. automatic Measuring cup filling

    3. automatic suck foil

    4. Automatic sealing

    5. auto cup exiting




    l Mitsubishi PLC

    l Frequency converter PANASONIC

    l domestic brand gear box

    l sealing cylinder AIRTAC

    l Metalware solenoid valve MINDMAN

    l domestic brand motor

    l Switch IDEC

    l Sucker FESTO

    l S.S. heating element

    l S.S. outside frame

    l acid-resisting aluminium mould board





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